Black-throated Diver -  Grandes Rocques [GRO]  -  19/1/2019  -  © Anthony Loaring
Black-throated Diver - Grandes Rocques [GRO] - 19/1/2019 - © Anthony Loaring

Announcements / news items

This month's meeting has been pushed back one week. It will be held at Candie on Thursday 10 January at 8pm. All are welcome.

Bird Section Subs 2019
Dear birders, 2019 Bird Section subscriptions are now due. Each year, the annual subs pay for costs such as the hosting of this website, nestboxes on La Societe's nature reserves and upkeep of seven public bird hides. By paying just £5, you will be supporting and promoting local birdlife. Please send payment to Jamie Hooper, 1 Trinity Cottages, Torteval, GY8 0QD. Only Societe members can technically be section members but donations from non-members are welcome too! Many thanks and happy birding.

Rarity Report forms for 2018 due in now
Hi all. This is my annual reminder. Could I ask anyone who found an official rarity in 2018 to complete a rarity form to officially document your sighting and be assessed by the Rarities Committee. These can be downloaded from this website's 'Documents' section and sent to me by the end of the month. If the bird was clearly photographed, only form A is required. Unfortunately, if the form is not completed we cannot acknowledge you by name in the Rarities Report or Transactions. If you are not sure whether the bird you find is an official rarity, please get in touch (NB Cattle Egret is now not classed as a rarity). Thank you, Mark

Protection for local waders
Over the last 40 years, local populations of many wading birds have plummeted and some species have been lost entirely. The long-running 'Wader Count' survey shows that disturbance is a major factor in the decline. If you agree that our waders need urgent protection at key sites, please email the States of Guernsey Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Service (ACLMS) at this address -

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Wed 16th Jan
The Royal Tern is back!

Wed 2nd Jan
Belle Greve - Red-necked Grebe, Claire Mare - Spoonbill and Pintail still, Castel - 7 Cattle Egrets.

Fri 21st Dec
Rousse - Red-necked Grebe.

Wed 5th Dec
Claire Mare - long-staying Spoonbill.

Sightings Summary

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Interesting records submitted online


23rd Jan: Claire Mare: Spoonbill. Jaonneuse: Royal Tern. Vale Pond: Cetti's Warbler
22nd Jan: Claire Mare: Spoonbill, Pintail. L'Eree: Mediterranean Gull. Rue des Bergers: Jack Snipe
21st Jan: Claire Mare: Pintail, Spoonbill. Rue des Bergers: Jack Snipe. Salerie Corner: Kingfisher. Vale Pond: Cetti's Warbler
20th Jan: Claire Mare: Spoonbill. Rue des Bergers: Jack Snipe. Town Harbour: Mediterranean Gull
19th Jan: Belle Greve Bay: Royal Tern. Claire Mare: Spoonbill. Grands Marais/Pre: Jack Snipe, Cetti's Warbler. Rue des Bergers: Jack Snipe
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23rd Jan: Chateau a l'Etoc: Mediterranean Gull, Great Northern Diver
22nd Jan: Chateau a l'Etoc: Common Gull, Mediterranean Gull
21st Jan: Crabby Bay: Mediterranean Gull
20th Jan: Chateau a l'Etoc: Mediterranean Gull. South Coast Cliffs, Alderney: Dartford Warbler
17th Jan: Chateau a l'Etoc: Mediterranean Gull. Longis Common - ABO Daily Census: Cetti's Warbler. Whitegates, Alderney: Barn Owl
16th Jan: Chateau a l'Etoc: Bottle-nosed Dolphin
15th Jan: Longis Pond: Cetti's Warbler
14th Jan: Fort Houmet Herbe: Red-necked Grebe. Mannez Garenne: Barn Owl
13th Jan: Chateau a l'Etoc: Black-throated Diver
10th Jan: Longis Common - ABO Daily Census: Cetti's Warbler, Red-necked Grebe
9th Jan: Fort Houmet Herbe: Barn Owl. Longis Pond: Cetti's Warbler
8th Jan: Chateau a l'Etoc: Mediterranean Gull
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Observers submitting records this month

Bob Murphy (527); Ian Le Page (458); ABO (388); Peter Vaudin (312); Albert Harvey (201); Liz Thomson (147); Vic Froome (120); Andy Marquis (116); Dave Andrews (100); Anthony Loaring (98); Rod Ferbrache (96); David Spicer (91); Jamie Hooper (85); Wayne Turner (83); Kevin Childs (55); Mary Simmons (53); Nigel Pletts (51); Peter Ward (43); Tony Bisson (42); Paul Veron (36); Carolyn Brouard (29); Adrian Gidney (28); Mark Guppy (26); Mark Lawlor (6); Dave Carre (1);

On this day...
On this date in 1988 Guernsey's twelfth record of Little Auk was found at Bordeaux.

Wild species recorded this year to date: 114

(Species recorded in 2017: 223)
(Species recorded in 2016: 212)
(Species recorded in 2015: 206)
(Species recorded in 2014: 196)
(Species recorded in 2013: 191)

Personal year list totals
Liz Thomson - 110
Bob Murphy - 110
Vic Froome - 98
Anthony Loaring - 94
Rod Ferbrache - 89
David Spicer - 79
ABO - 69
Andy Marquis - 68
Albert Harvey - 66
Ian Le Page - 57
Kevin Childs - 54
Nigel Pletts - 38
Adrian Gidney - 28
Peter Ward - 25
Paul Veron - 24
Carolyn Brouard - 21
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