Alderney Birds - Monthly Summaries

These are records that have been entered by observers and it
should be noted that these have not necessarily been authenticated.

Little Egret Longis Bay: 1 on 20th (DW);
White Stork St Anne: 1 on 8th Jun [11.40 in flight SSW to NNE] (MCS);
Kestrel Platte Saline: 1 on 1st Jun (DW);
Hobby Essex Farm: 1 on 1st Jun (DW);
Lapwing Kiln Farm, Alderney: 1 on 22nd Jun (DW);
Whimbrel Saye Bay: 1 on 20th Jun (DW);
Mediterranean Gull Braye Bay: 1 on 20th Jun [Adult] (DW);
Black-headed Gull Kiln Farm, Alderney: 2 on 22nd Jun [Adults] (DW);
Cuckoo Alderney Airport: 1 on 7th Jun (MCS); 1 on 19th Jun [One calling] (DW); Clonque Bay: 1 on 7th Jun [One calling in the valley above Blue Bridge] (0); Longis Common: 2 on 7th Jun [One calling] (0);
Swift Longis Common: 3 on 1st Jun (DW);
House Martin Kiln Farm, Alderney: 6 on 1st Jun [3 nests being visited] (DW);
Yellow Wagtail St Anne: 1 on 1st Jun [Male near Tugby's Yard] (DW);
Black Redstart Kiln Farm, Alderney: 1 on 1st Jun [Female] (DW);
Song Thrush Longis Common: 1 on 1st Jun [Singing] (DW);
Fan-tailed Warbler Longis Common: 1 on 1st Jun [Male displaying] (DW);
Firecrest Barrackmaster's Lane: 1 on 1st Jun [Singing male] (DW);
Hooded Crow Kiln Farm, Alderney: 1 on 27th Jun [One in fields near bluestone beach] (DW);
Rose-coloured Starling St Anne: 1 on 7th Jun [Adult feeding in flock of starlings] (DW);